Effective Workplace Design

It is tempting to think of the value of your business as residing in the different components or departments represented  on your company’s organizational chart. To be sure, the specific functions, operations and the skilled people you have filling important roles are...

Landscape Architecture As Necessity Conference

I recently attended an extraordinary conference aimed at examining environmental concerns and cultural issues as they manifest themselves in the open spaces we make, whether they are in the most urban parts of our cities, at the interface of developed and wild space, or in the newly open spaces created by shrinking cities and the abandoned building sites that result.

Driving Through the Wetlands

My normal commute to work takes me through the Ballona Wetlands. Every day you see one or more small animals that did not make it across Culver or Jefferson the night before. I started to wonder if there was something that could be done about that. Since the roadways...

About Critter Crossing | Ballona Wetlands

The maintenance of wildlife corridors has emerged as an important planning criteria for our cities, especially in a city like Los Angeles, which has an extensive interface with areas of wilderness and zones of open space that accommodate the movement of animals. A number of interventions over the years have compromised the condition of the wetlands at the mouth of the Ballona Creek. There have been recent efforts, with some success, at restoring sections of the wetland area.

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