My normal commute to work takes me through the Ballona Wetlands. Every day you see one or more small animals that did not make it across Culver or Jefferson the night before. I started to wonder if there was something that could be done about that. Since the roadways are vital connections from the South Bay, they will of course remain but they clearly represent a hazard to the natural environment they transverse. Obviously, if the roadway was built like a causeway, above the level of the wetlands, the animals could move freely across the entire area. Of course, that would be hugely expensive. Tunnels under the at-grade roadways aren’t really practical since the water table is so high. I’ve seen wide bridges that support soil and planting and maybe a few of those would work, sweeping the terrain up and over the roadways, which would enter intermittent tunnels below. The proposal we have pictured on the site is more modest than that (and way more economical). Whether it is effective remains a question. I’m hoping for some helpful input from experts. That’s why we established this page. —Peter Mitsakos

Peter M. Mitsakos is Principal Architect at West Edge Architects/Peter M. Mitsakos & Associates, Inc. (WEA). He believes that thoughtfully designed spaces can have a great and positive effect on a building’s activities and its surroundings. WEA was was established in 2000 and provides Urban Design, Planning, Architecture, Programming, and Interior Design Services for institutional, commercial and residential clients.

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