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Cedars Sinai Medical Center Parking Structure #4 Renovation

As construction proceeded with the new $600 million Advanced Health Sciences Pavilion (AHSP) at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, it became apparent the existing adjacent parking structure would be a poor match to the new facility it is intended to serve. Furthermore, there existed a number of challenges regarding navigation and safety, for both automobiles and pedestrians, when entering and moving through the structure.

The first task was to identify logical and optimal pathways for both pedestrians and automobiles entering and moving through the building. Next, all conflicts and safety issues presented by those movement patterns were identified and addressed. Once a movement pattern was identified, West Edge Architects created an architectural language for the exterior surfaces and interior pathways through the structure, that worked with the new building. Specific architectural elements were used in a logically consistent manner, along with lighting and signage to identify pathways and decision points along travel routs through the building. Also, intersection points between pedestrians pathways and vehicles were minimized and then clearly highlighted to improve overall safety.



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