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Newhall Ranch Sheriff’s Station

The Newhall Ranch Sheriff’s Station is a new $16 million, 34,000 SF facility to be located west of the Golden State Freeway in Santa Clarita. Functionality, durability and sustainability are the criteria in developing the design. The building’s construction materials concrete frame, insulated concrete panels and concrete masonry units are carried through to the interior to enhance the village of buildings effect while providing durable, low maintenance surfaces throughout.

0509-08Section Rendered 1

Greenbuilding requirements combined with the significant annual and daily temperature variations were addressed through building orientation, externally shaded or north facing clerestory windows, turf roofs, use of insulated wall panels (R40), rain screen exterior wall construction and below floor air-conditioning distribution. Extensive use of day-lighting, low flow and waterless plumbing fixtures, minimal interior finishes, low or no VOCs and use of local building materials contribute to the overall sustainability of the project.

Newhall_sketch2 crop
Section at interior court

Newhall_sketch1 crop

Newhall_sketch3 crop


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